First Aid Course

To obtain your sea permit, a first aid certificate, minimum duration of 10 hours, is mandatory!

In order for this training to be useful, the Ouchy Sailing School offers basics first aid courses adapted to the marine environment.


What to do when help is at a long distance? The first gestures are essential!

In addition to the minimum basic principles, the following topics will be addressed:

- What to do in case of sunstroke?

- What to do in case of seasickness?

- What to do for a crushed or broken member?

- What to do in case of a cut or an open wound?

- What to do for burns ?

- What to do in case of drowning?

- What to do in case of food poisoning?

- What to do in case of electrocution?


The speaker can answer all your questions!

Cours de premier secours en milieu marin   NEXT COURSE :

On March 15, 2019, we have submitted a new course to the swiss marine authorities from whom we’re waiting the validation.

End of April, we have been informed that the authorities will give us an answer for our submittion end of summer 2019.

We hope to provide you some course dates end of the year !


For more informations, please contact-us.



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